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About US

A proud history and ready for a brilliant future Palma Furniture, located in Gjilan St. Bujanoci, the first kilometer, it is the center of furniture and distribution for all clients.

It started work in the year 2000 as a trading society with residency in Gjilan, Ferizaj, Prizren and Switzerland. Specialized in the design of furniture, Palma Furniture began with 2,000 square meters in total, to be extended later. Now Palma Furniture extends to 57000 square meters in the entire territory of Kosovo. Under the ideas, guidance and leadership of the owners, Palma Furniture has become one of the biggest companies of furniture selling in Kosovo.

Palma Furniture has a rich history of successes that show her best dramatic transition from a virtual unknown to a force indicative of the sector. For over 9 years it has remained faithful to the visionary statute. Palma Furniture Today: With over 9 years of innovation and experience in the furniture, Palma has become a leader in the sector for the sale of high quality furniture. You can find Palma Furniture Salons, also the installation and management, in Gjilan, Ferizaj, Prizren and Switzerland.

Palma Furniture is always looking for the best values, models and accessories. Palma offers all its products in Kosovo.

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